New Leaf Organizing Precautions & Protocols

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New Leaf Organizing Precautions & Protocols

New Leaf Organizing Precautions & Protocols

Here’s what I know for sure: May we all stay well in body, mind, and spirit throughout this time of Covid-19.

Remember BC (before Covid-19), New Leaf Organizing blithely entered your home with an apron, an organizing kit, & a table…. AND away we went removing the excess, finding homes for the necessary and the contents you love, revealing space where once there were piles.

WELLLLL a lot has changed!

NEW LEAF ORGANIZING has safety protocols and precautions in place for all of us. We strive to make our return to in-home and in office organizing, a safe and fruitful experience for everyone: you, your loved ones, and NLO.

Here are our strictly enforced protocols & precautions:


Masks are worn by all: organizer & client(s).

Organizer wears gloves.

Six feet distance or more is strictly maintained by each person.

Open window & door, in the work area for increased air circulation.

All surfaces from the entry point to the work area are disinfected by the organizer upon entry, throughout, & at the end of the organization session.

NLO washes hands every hour & regularly uses hand sanitizer.


Covid-19 Mutual Release Agreement is to be signed by NLO, our clients, & vendors prior to our work commencement.

By signing the Covid-19 Mutual Release Agreement, NLO, the client, & the client’s household members hold each other harmless & sign they have not knowingly been exposed to Covid-19 in the last 14 days.

The cancellation fee is waived if you need to reschedule your appointment because you or a member of your household doesn’t feel well the day of our scheduled appointment.
(for in-home, in-office, & virtual)

NLO offers virtual organizing sessions. They are a fabulous alternative to in-person organizing. More about that in our next newsletter.

NLO puts your safety first. Our overarching goal is for each of you to

Stay Safe! Be Well! & Thrive! in your lives now and for decades to come.

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