2022… One Month In

2022… One Month In

One month in, how are you handling those 2022 resolutions?

Did you know when we ‘re-solve’ to get fit, lose weight, eat right, or “Get Organized”, we often put extra pressure on ourselves?

Don’t know about you; my response to too much pressure is

Get rid of the pressure.’ Why? We just want it gone!
So instead of grabbing an apple, we nibble chips ’til they’re gone.
We close the door to the messy room; out of sight, out of mind… gone


Instead of dropping all the good stuff that lives in our resolutions,
We resolve to take another look, to re-focus.
We drop the heaviness we associate with resolutions.


Our grip on trying to control or know what will happen next.
As we release the heavy grip…
Ideas & images begin to dance in our mind’s eye.


NOW We begin to take action, one thing at a time:
We eat the apple, YUM!
We open the door to our messy guest room,
we return books to the bookshelf,
we start a donation bag & put a few books in it. Or…
we sort through a pile of clothes, or papers, or mail…

You get the idea. We focus on a solution. We resolve to reach it.
We focus on one area at a time, one thing at a time, we take one action at a time.

Instead of the heavy lift, the PUSH PUSH SHOVE to nowhere,
We eat an apple; it tastes delicious! 
We clear one corner of the guest room; the good vibes lift our spirits.
Instead of pushing to control…we breathe deeply into the great unknown.
We give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the journey.




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