A Lot about Nothing

A Lot about Nothing

Have you heard the chatter about self-care? Nutrition, sleep, and exercise, all impact how we live our lives.

What about just being? Taking the time to… do NOTHING?

When was the last time you:

  • Listened to the rainfall?
  • Inhaled a flower’s sweet fragrance?
  • Watched the sky turn from day to night, or dawn to day?
  • Sat in a chair & consciously breathed in & out? Yup! Just breathed.


“Doing nothing” centers us, allows us to daydream & let our minds wander.

Moments of ‘nothing’ recharge our souls! Nourish us, bring up new visions, new dreams, & new awakenings!

Whether it’s five minutes or 5 hours, taking moments to be,
can bring to mind new solutions or release creative ideas.

All by just by taking a moment to do nothing!

Your Organizer,




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