Clutter Defined

Clutter Defined

Clutter is often defined as “anything that gets in the way of the life you want to live.”

What’s anything?

•Used books
•Kids bikes
•Doubting thoughts
•A way too long To-Do List
•Wire hangers
•The emotions we sometimes tie to things

IOW, clutter isn’t just things; it can be anything!
We all have something cluttering our lives.
What’s getting in our way of clearing the clutter?
Is it an obstacle or an object? Procrastination or rumination?
Personal overwhelm or the continued uncertainty of these times?

Clarity and order start within us.
Don’t get me wrong, I love solving the cluttered space dilemmas, transforming them into orderly, labeled categorized easy to reach easy-to-use storage havens & homes.

Before I can do that for myself, I have to open my heart & then my thoughts naturally align to affirm a life well-lived.

What says a life well lived better than my space working for me?

Your space working for you every day!

New Leaf Organizing is here to help you live your life magnificently via the transformation of clutter or chaos into calm efficient order.




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