Do you love your closet?

Do you love your closet?

Woo-Hoo!!! We are on the verge of spring.
Life seems to be opening up all around us!
That said…
On a foray into my closet a few weeks ago, I looked for a ‘girls’ night dinner outfit.’ It was like… “I don’t even remember how to get dressed up anymore.”

Am I alone in this?
After 2 years at home which areas of your home need some sparkle & order?

Is it time for you to overhaul & edit your closet? Say goodbye to some of the really well-worn or worn-out sweats you’ve had on almost every day for 2 years?
Is it time to free up space for a few ‘Look out world, I’m back” clothes & shoes?

What about your pantry? Does it need some love? Can you easily access all the cereals, snacks, sauces & beverages?

Are you traveling for spring break?
At New Leaf Organizing, we help our clients get their homes, & their travel gear in order.
You’ll be ready for all kinds of soaring adventures, near or far.

We all want to get out, to enjoy spring  & summer 2022 to the fullest! We want to see friends, old & new, our families, & be with our tribes!

Having all systems go (closets, pantry, kitchen, kiddos’ rooms, home office, & garage) make your travels to the backyard or your next dream vacation an enjoyable journey!

Tips for easy/breezy spring travel:
•Store travel accessories, games, & supplies in labeled clear bins near your suitcases, ready to pull together for trips
•Keep a small travel bag of cosmetics, toiletries, & supplements
•Store your clean, empty packing cubes in your carry-on suitcase
•You’re all set to get ready to go!




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