First Things First. Empowered Thinking!

First Things First. Empowered Thinking!

Look around you; do you have half-finished projects?

Clutter hidden in closets or corners?

Untended self-care? Untended relationships?

You’re not alone!

All these starts & stops take a toll on us!

In order to start fresh, where do we begin?

We begin at home; within our own mind & heart!

There’s a natural order to life, chemical elements are the building blocks of life, nature has four seasons, and the earth has geological ages. IOW, life builds upon itself.

Think about it:

We choose our thoughts.

We choose to make decisions or we choose to put off decisions; which yes! is indecision, a decision by default.

Therefore, the first step to getting organized is to empower our thinking, to choose our thoughts intentionally!

WE have the power to change our thinking.
Therefore, the first step in creating order out of overwhelm and calm out of chaos is organizing our thoughts.

Let me ask…

What do you believe about yourself?
Our belief controls our thinking because “It is done unto us as we believe.”

Let’s explore organizing our thoughts & minds.

We have the power to change ourselves which in turn has an effect on our situations and our surroundings.
As we shift our thinking, our focus changes.
We move from inaction to action.

When you believe you have the power to think intentionally, it becomes easier to make a new decision.

You really want a cleared floor so you sort through that pile of clothing you used to leave in the closet corner. Then a ripple effect occurs in your life…

Think about it like a rock skipping across a lake….
The ripples are seen & felt beyond their immediate impact.

We begin with ourselves, we change the world because we’ve changed ourselves.
Again the ripple effect!

To organize your mind:

•Give yourself the gift of time, take 3 to 5 minutes twice a day to be. To listen to your thoughts. To walk around the block. To reflect.
•Write a to-do list. Get all that stuff out of your head onto a list.
•Journal: write down the untended thoughts, write about your untended surroundings, and write about the untended relationships, (yes you can include your relationship with yourself.)
•Meditate: start with 2-5 minutes a day, inhale to a count of 4, hold your breath to count to 4, and exhale to a count of 4.
•Count your blessings. Even if life seems to be falling apart, give thanks as there is always something somewhere for which you are grateful.
• Continue to monitor your thoughts, especially about order or your seeming inability to attain order. Remember order follows possibility.

As Emily Dickinson wrote: ’Dwell in possibility




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