Holiday Mayhem!

Holiday Mayhem!

If you’re really busy this time of year, and who isn’t, these tips are for you.

The Holidays are a unique season. Even though we make endless lists, or swear we’ll get the shopping finished earlier, there’s always more to do!

Tip #1 Go easy on Yourself
One year, a family member’s gift did not arrive before Christmas. Before Amazon, we shipped our gifts, even though we made an annual trek to Seattle.
Everyone was chill about the late gift except me! I was totally caught up in some holiday drama!
Lesson learned that year: It’s not the gifts! It’s the shared LOVE!

Tip #2: Go easy on Everyone Else too
If your bestie can’t meet you for your festive girl’s night out until January, it’s okay!
It might even be more fun!

Tip #3: Decide What’s Essential & delegate or delete the rest.
Handle your holiday essentials! The remainder of the holiday mayhem & festive fun will sort itself out. It always does! This way, you stay healthy & enjoy your time with your loved ones!

Whether you’re hosting, have a houseful of overnight guests, or you’re traveling; be easy on yourself. Everyone arriving to see you wants to pitch in! It’s all about the inside jokes, the laughter, the tears, & yes the Love shared!

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