How does your Garden Grow?

How does your Garden Grow?

May whispers summer & fun ahead!

The butterflies are bountiful.

The roses are blooming.

Wildflowers, annuals, and color all around.

Here are three tips to maximize your outdoor living enjoyment:

  • Designate a gardening storage area. Depending on your space, it could be a shelf, a shelving unit, or ‘lucky you’ a she-shed.
  • Keep your hand tools, gloves, & essential gardening supplies in a basket. Just carry the basket out to the garden. This way everything you need to pull the weeds, plant annuals, & trim the shrubs is always at the ready.
  • Your collection of pots & planters: cut them down to a reasonable number. Keep your seedling pots, & smaller planters contained in a wood box container. Easy on the eyes & easy to use.


Bonus tips: Limit the lifting and carrying!

  • Place heavy bags of soil or compost on the bottom of your shelves.
  • Keep your go-to basket of tools & your planters at an easy-to-reach height.
  • Here’s a link to my favorite cart!


Have a fabulous time with your flowers & plants!




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