Is Clutter Winning?

Is Clutter Winning?

There are so many things in life that we can’t control.

That said; what’s on the shortlist we can control?
1. Clutter!
2. How much stuff we accumulate & keep.
3. How we manage & use our time.

Do you get it?
Clutter & time management are related!

Sometimes you may think ‘I don’t have enough time or energy to even clear 10% of the clutter.’ Then there are those days when you feel bombarded by all of life’s obligations! Maybe you inherited a houseful of belongings from a parent. Maybe your kids moved out 10 years ago. What if they left behind all the trophies, awards, and school days memorabilia? Now you would like the luxury of an art room or extra guest room. And yet, it seems the past keeps creeping up into today!

This spring, I invite you to take a really good look at:

  • How am I handling the aspects of my life that I can control?
  • What am I doing with my time?
  • Am I allowing stuff to build up in my home? Who’s in control here?
  • Does it stop me from having friends over?
  • What about my self-worth?
  • Am I letting clutter win?


It’s time to take a stand.
Speak up for yourself: say NO MORE!
You’ve got this! You can do it!
Remember: One of the best ways you can be light-hearted, is to lighten up the load of stuff you carry through life.

New Leaf Organizing is here to help you get out from under your clutter!
We are here for you to live your best life today!

Your best life includes getting organized!
We do both on-site & virtual organizing.
We’re here for you!

Happy Spring!




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