Live Like an Organized Person

Live Like an Organized Person

How do Organized People Live?

Ever notice Life Happens no matter what!
Your work is demanding.
Your parents need help,
Someone sprains an ankle.
Life demands keep piling up!

Have you ever asked yourself,
What would an organized person do?

When it comes to Laundry; an organized person would:
1. Separate the wash into darks & lights.
2. Fold & hang the clean laundry.
3. Put the tees, undies, & socks into their drawers
4. Keep a donation bag in the closet & fill it.

Keeping up with the mail; what would an organized person do?
1. Sort the stack into recycle, shred, action, or reference
2. Recycle, shred
3. Put action items into the action folder or holder (think property tax bill)
4. Reference documents: Scan onto a computer or manually le

The key is to think differently to begin to
Implement small daily habits such as:

  • Pick up after yourself
  • Clear & wipe down counters & tables
  • Clean up the kitchen every evening,
  • Take out the recycling
  • Teach the family to pick up after themselves too
  • Turn off the lights
  • Sort the mail
  • File
  • Have a home for essentials: keys, glasses, phones, tablets


When Life Happens, we can all learn to
Pick ourselves up!
Give ourselves Grace!
Roll up our sleeves & declutter!




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