New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Is September the month you begin to seriously look at what to accomplish to finish strong before the end of the year?

Which goals or intentions are most important for you to accomplish before December 31st? With a third of the year left; it’s definitely time to switch into high gear.

September is always a month of new beginnings & switching gears. Before you can begin again or switch gears you may need to clear the clutter!

Whether it’s your desk (mine needed a serious organizing session to reinstate order) or having your kitchen ready for your home chef’s favorite season of the year; where do you need to clear the clutter?

To declutter, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I use it? Keep it unless you have more than one or two, those you donate or recycle
  • Do I love it? Keep it
  • Can’t decide? Put the items in a box, throw on a sticky note
  • Review 2 months later
  • Don’t love it? Or Don’t use it? Donate, Recycle, or trash


Clearing the clutter;
Clears the space,
Which creates room for us to breathe deeply into our lives, our goals, & our purpose!
Breathing room leads to peaceful thoughts which can inspire us.

Which goals DONE! ✔️ will have you raising a glass of bubbly on 12/31/23?

Most of all enjoy each step along the way.




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