Organized to Sell!

Organized to Sell!

You are encouraged to utilize this affordable and accessible Home Organization Assessment to ensure a smoother road to a profitable home resale.

Do you breathe easier when you walk into a potential listing for the first time and it looks perfect? Ready to show! Ready to sell!

Every real estate broker, realtor, relishes listing a spotless home, organized to sell.

Real estate professionals, know what it takes for a home or property to “show well and sell fast”. They see the goal as they advance their sellers towards each successful close. What about your homeowners? Sometimes owners don’t see the piles of stuff that has accumulated throughout their home, or the things hiding in the closets and corners.

A professional organizer turns cluttered houses into ready to sell homes.

Let’s take a look:

A residence is under contract to sell. The family may have memorabilia, personal items, paperwork, cherished belongings, and more, scattered throughout the residence. The closets are full with out of season clothing, sports equipment, or items that need to be stored during the sale. There may be unopened boxes from the last move that need to be stashed away.

It is time to call in the professional organizer for a Real Estate Home Organization Assessment and tour. This consultation will give the sellers a clear, comprehensive idea about what they need to do to get their home ready to sell. With this essential information in hand, sellers are ready to organize their belongings and prepare their home for resale.

Tips to keep top of mind during the assessment and tour:

  • Does the space need de-cluttering?
  • What is the traffic pattern in the rooms? Are there obstacles in the way?
  • What to do with all the excess: toys, children’s artwork, and outgrown clothing?
  • Is there too much furniture so the buyers cannot see the home? Is the furniture dated?
  • Are the closets bursting with stuff?
  • Are the bathrooms and kitchen full? Do the cabinets need freshening?
  • Throughout the consultation, the organizer makes recommendations.

The home sellers take-away: a detailed plan.

  1. The professional organizer gives the sellers a roadmap that outlines the specifics they need to prepare their home in a short amount of time, to get their home sold quickly; often over the asking price.
  2. The assessment can be used as a chart, a timeline, and a schedule.

Armed with the assessment now what?

  • The homeowners tackle the declutter and ‘organize to sell’ project themselves.
  • The sellers hire a professional organizer to manage the project and coach them, while they tackle the “hands-on” tasks.
  • The homeowner hires the professional organizer to declutter and transform their property.
  • The real estate agent hires the professional organizer to organize and prepare the home for resale.

Home sellers have many options available to help them declutter, organize, and prepare their home for resale.

You are encouraged to utilize this affordable and accessible Home Organization Assessment to ensure a smoother road to a profitable home resale.




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