Spring forward

Spring forward

March is the perfect time to refresh your closet.

Think about it, a well-organized closet will save you time, $$, & stress!

1. Sort: Start by taking everything out of your closet.
Go through each item
Ask yourself: Have I worn this____ in the last year?
Does it fit?
Do I feel good when I wear it?
If not, it’s gotta go!
Donate or sell anything you no longer need or want.

2. Categorize: Once you have your pared-down selection of
clothing, group like with like, such as shirts with shirts.
Easier to find; easier to put back.

3. Maximize space, including shelves, vertical wall space,
hanging space & floor space.
Two examples:
This rod by Umbra can double your hanging space,
and these Bamboo shoe racks are sustainable space savers.

4. Invest in quality hangers. Using high-quality hangers not
only looks better, but also helps your wardrobe.
We recommend using wooden or velvet hangers for a
cohesive & functional look.

5. Label! Put labels on baskets, bins, and even inside drawers!
When it comes to closet maintenance, it’s easy to find what
you need, when you need it!


New Leaf Organizing knows that a well-organized closet has a big impact on your daily life.

Let NLO help you create a functional & beautiful oasis!

Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Get started on your closet transformation.

Happy Spring!




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