The Home Organization Assessment

The Home Organization Assessment

Professional organizers help you move your life forward. We help people who are looking to make progress in their lives. When you hire a professional organizer, there are attributes that can make all the difference in the quality of your experience and the outcome.

Attentive Listening:

We all listen to one another; don’t we?
When you hire an organizer, you want someone who is trained to hear and respond to the subtleties and the nuances of your requests. In order to establish a flow with our clients; it is imperative that the organizer give close attention to your frustrations, needs, and goals. My training and experience help me listen to you. Attentive listening is all about helping you identify and effectively accomplish your goals.


When you look for a professional organizer, compassion may not be thought of as important, yet it is. A professional organizer’s support, thoughtfulness, and consideration may be the difference in making your organization outcome successful. My methods are customized for you. As we progress towards your organized life and space; we will declutter, transform, and renew your home or office.

Consistent Commitment:

Not everyone “sees” the principles and practices that help our homes and offices run efficiently with ease. Professional organizers help you gain the organizing principles and practices that help your home, office, and life run more smoothly. New Leaf Organizing is here to bring order into your life, surroundings, schedule, and time management. We are committed to your success. How can we help you?

If you would like to explore these ideas in more depth, you can reach me at or 310 779 8977.





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