The Power of Schedules

The Power of Schedules

Maybe you like to write lists.
To-do’s, groceries, Target runs, Amazon Prime,
Or the ‘get it out of my head’ list.

When it’s time for the rubber to meet the road:
Do you have trouble self-motivating?
Getting yourself to start a project?
What about those projects that are just for you?
Or no deadline attached?

Maybe, you’d much rather handle what comes up than take the
first step to start a really tough project.
You know the one you can’t seem to prioritize.
Am I alone in this or is there anyone else out there???
For many of us, beginning the big stuff can be very difficult or near impossible.
The key is to take small measurable steps.


This month is all about the Power of Scheduling!
First: To effectively schedule you need the right
Planner, (Paper or Digitial) & a Calendar App.
A great add-on is a Journal (Paper or Digital).
Look for a planner or app that matches how you process & think.

For planning, I’m old school, I have a paper planner for my office.

Whichever scheduling tool you use, it helps to find a scheduling
planner & method you love! This way, when tedium sets in, the right
tools bolster your motivation. Planning has to be easy to do,
enjoyable, & helpful.

As we build our capacity to schedule, think of it like starting a car in
the snow. Inertia sets in overnight, it takes a few minutes to start your
car; another 5 minutes to warm up the engine.
Patience & consistent action are required to upend planning inertia.

Let’s break it down; what are some reasons to begin or refine a
scheduling practice:
1. Empowerment: Writing a list, & scheduling action items,
activates the “future think” part of our minds.
2. Prioritize: As we schedule, the project, itinerary, or the order for the
week’s activities takes shape in our consciousness.
3. Consistency: Builds a new habit.
4. Success: Planning is a key component of follow-through which
often leads to successful outcomes.

TIPS to overcome inertia:
•Time Blocking: Block out time for each project
Use different colors to distinguish categories
•Batch: errands & appointments together
•Batch your quiet work: writing an outline or preparing a proposal
•Block out time for: brainstorming, meditation & exercise
•Block time for: comes up, free time, & most importantly
for the goals that are only yours to accomplish!

Genius Tip: Use one planner and/or calendar app!
•Schedule goals: annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, & daily
•Think of planning as a funnel from the unformed substance of your
dreams & intentions, to the particularization of your dreams into
achievable goals.

Start small
•Chunk it down into small doable steps
Only schedule up to 70% to 80% of your time
•Give yourself the freedom of time to recharge

Your free time is a KEY to the success of your plan. When we be, just
be; we integrate ourselves with the Source of life, our intuition, our
mind, body, & emotions. When we return to our schedule; we are
charged & changed. We’ve created a new lens through which we
view & interact with our world.

In conclusion,
A successful friend once told me: “If you fail to plan, you’re planning
to fail.”
As I navigate the ever-shifting shores of life, this quote remains a
beacon that lights my way.
May it do the same for you!




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